CV Outreach is about building Kingdom. You will talk to people locally, you will also talk to people further away. CV Outreach is not going to quickly grow your church. It’s also important to remember people are on journeys, they won’t necessarily be ready to make a commitment when they come to you!

In short no. The landing page on your website will hold a bank of content which has been carefully curated to answer the most commonly asked faith and needs-based questions online.

The purpose of the video content is to make that first connection between people and you. Once that connection is made, the video really becomes unimportant. However, we continually work on making relevant, high quality videos in the pursuit of increasing effectiveness.

You can see examples of all of our current landing pages at cvoutreach.com/current-content 

No.  While your church’s Google Advertising Grant plays a role in connecting you with people nearby, it’s actually a small part of the program.  CV Outreach leverages a variety of traffic sources, partnerships, and strategies to connect people who need to hear Jesus to your local church.

Your Ad Grant belongs to your church.  So, you are free to do whatever you want with it. However, for maximum effectiveness, we recommend that you allow us to fully manage your account (for free!).  The management of our church partner Ad Grant accounts is a collective, unprecedented, and constantly changing strategy that is for the ultimate benefit of all churches in CV Outreach.

Yes, you can! However, churches we’ve been in contact with who have previously utilised the Google Grants program have often struggled to optimise their account in order to fully leverage the Ad Grant. CV Outreach uses the lessons learned from years of optimising this type of campaign to try to maximise the effectiveness of the Grant and the Landing Pages for your church.  

Also, importantly, CV Outreach utilises the collective power of all CV Outreach partner Ad Grants, to reach more people all across the UK.

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