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Partnering with CV

CV Outreach is founded upon the basic premise that churches are ideally positioned to present the Gospel to non-believers, encourage new believers, and care for people with issues or needs.  We are here to help your church make those meaningful connections.

The CV Outreach

Every month thousands of people in the UK are looking for spiritual guidance online that your church can engage with and answer.

This program involves equipping qualifying churches with a dynamic landing page as well as a powerful advertising Google charity account in order to reach people  searching.

Your church website can become a powerful outreach tool, connecting you with those that need it the most.

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1 - Connect
Connect with us by completing the Contact Form below. We will be in touch to answer any questions and get you started!
2 - Onboard
We will collect all the information needed and guide you through the set up stages, from registering with TT Exchange for your Google Ad Grant, to setting up your church’s new landing pages within your current website. Don't worry, there's no need to be a tech wizard, we’re here to help!
3 - Launch
Once we have worked through the initial set up stages, our team gets to work on your behalf. Our Adwords team will build and manage your advertising campaigns, making sure we make the most of your Ad account.
4 - Impact
Whatever the size of your church, you will be playing your part, working together to reach our country, one person at a time, growing your online influence and connecting people into relationship.
CV UK Outreach

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